What Are the Effects of Right Frontal Lobe Damage?

The effects of right frontal lobe damage include problems with self-monitoring, attention and concentration, personality, inhibition of behavior and emotions, and with speaking or using expressive language, according to the Brain Injury Association of America. The effects depend on the exact location, the cause and the severity of the damage.

Brain injuries are highly specialized and unique, which makes it difficult to accurately predict damage in each case, reports the Brain Injury Association of America. The frontal lobe is located directly behind the forehead, notes the Betty Clooney Center. People with frontal lobe injuries sometimes lose their ability to function well within society, as they are unable to complete tasks that require multiple steps, such as making a casserole or coffee. These people may also become more aggressive and emotional when compared to their former selves. They may also have behavioral problems that make it difficult to function in public, according to the Betty Clooney Center.

With injuries in the frontal lobe, personality is often affected when the injuries occur on one side of the brain, states the BrainInjuryInstitute.org. People have different personality traits depending on whether they are right brain or left brain dominant. When people refer to the right brain or the left brain, they are talking about whether someone is driven by logic or by their emotions. There are a variety of treatments available for brain injuries, but unfortunately most injuries are permanent, and treatment modules are limited to therapies.