What Are the Effects of a Great Sermon?


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A great sermon motivates people to be better, make good choices and believe the message. While the desired effects of a great sermon vary among religions, Academy of Preachers lists nine key factors that apply to any sermon.

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The first key is to present one clear message. The sermon must stay on topic to drive the message home without confusing people. The second key is to find the entire message in the Bible and explain it. The third key is presenting material that helps the listeners by staying in touch with life's ups and downs.

The fourth key is to include a story to make it interesting, which helps people remember the message. The fifth key is to include questions to make people think about the message. The sixth key is to use metaphors to encourage the imagination of the listeners. The seventh key is to include Jesus in the story to maintain a gospel experience.

The eighth key is to include a call for action. The preacher must make it clear what he wants the listeners to do after hearing the message. The ninth key is to show passion for the message by making it clear the preacher believes what he is saying.

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