What Are Some Effective Ways to Deal With a Narcissist?

Effective ways to deal with a narcissist include staying positive, considering the reason for the narcissist's behavior and maintaining focus on one's own life. Narcissism is difficult to change, even if the narcissist seeks help, so people dealing with narcissists should be realistic in their expectations and avoid depending on the narcissists for self-worth.

Narcissists often act certain ways to get reactions out of others. If a person stays positive, the narcissist may stop behaving poorly after not getting a reaction.

Narcissists are either vulnerable, meaning the narcissism is a front to hide inner insecurities, or grandiose, meaning the narcissist actually believes in his greatness. Grandiose narcissists tend to be the most difficult to deal with and the least receptive to change, so people should avoid close relationships with these types if possible. For vulnerable narcissists, giving them some reassurance without overly complimenting them is one way to improve their behaviors.

Since narcissists often seek attention, other people may lose track of their own lives. Staying focused shows the narcissist that not everything is about him. People should realize that narcissists are emotionally limited and self-centered, so it's unrealistic to suddenly expect selfless behavior from them. Because narcissists care primarily about themselves, depending on them for self-worth often leads to disappointment.