What Effect Does Rap Music Have on the Brain?

Rap music often glorifies criminal and irresponsible behavior through negative images and messages. Such music sometimes has a significant negative impact on young, growing minds as evidenced by the number of incarcerated youths who listen to rap. According to RapRehab.com, young minds are heavily influenced towards negative behavior through commercial mainstream rap about drugs, guns, and violence, emulating what they see in rap music videos.

According to CNN, various studies have shown that music has a significant and direct impact on one's brain and health. One study revealed that the impact of music on the stress and anxiety levels of patients about to undergo surgery was greater than the impact of anti-anxiety drugs. This indicates that music may play a significant role in the future with regard to promoting better health across the world. Another study indicates that music has a direct effect on the nucleus accumbens area of the brain; watching the functional MRI results of this part of the brain can even predict whether the person being studied would buy a particular type of music liked by their brains. According to Cracked.com, music can change one's perception of time, taps into primal fears, change a person's drinking habits, and makes someone a better communicator.