Which Edition of the Bible Is Used by Jehovah's Witnesses?


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Jehovah's Witnesses prefer the New World Translation of the Bible. The Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society published the first version of this translation in 1961. Representatives of the religion say it is used for its accuracy, clarity and proper use of God's name.

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The New World Translation uses the name Jehovah for God in many portions of the Bible where other translations do not. Jehovah's Witnesses contend this is the name original versions of the scriptures used for God and that omitting it does not show the proper reverence for the deity.

Representatives of the religion also say the New World Translation is more accurate than other versions of the Bible. The many differences between translations include the use of the term "destruction" in the New World Translation where the term "hell" is used in many other translations.

Jehovah's Witnesses also prefer the New World Translation of the Bible for its clarity. They say that expressions used in many versions of the Bible do not make sense to modern readers as they are no longer understood in the same contexts. Their version of the scriptures, however, uses phrases and terms that retain the original intention while making sense to modern readers.

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