What Are Edgar Cayce's Predictions for Earth?

Among Edgar Cayce's predictions for Earth are China becoming the cradle of Christianity, a third World War involving the Middle East, the poles shifting and the West Coast of America being destroyed. Cayce correctly predicted the first two World Wars as well as the Great Depression; however, his prediction that Japan and New York would be destroyed in 1998 failed.

Cayce predicted that a Hall of Records put in place by the people of Atlantis would be discovered beneath the Sphinx in Egypt. He said that this would contain the entire history of the human race and the truth of everything. He predicted that new lands would appear in the Atlantic Ocean, while many other lands would sink into the sea.

Cayce predicted cataclysmic changes for North America. He believed that the Great Lakes would become one Great Lake emptying into the Gulf of Mexico. He believed that much of the West Coast would fall into the sea and that the Mississippi River would expand over hundreds of miles.

He also had specific beliefs about the poles shifting. He believed that cold areas would become hot and that many volcanoes would erupt. Along with changes to the Earth, he believed humans would arise to a new level of consciousness in the future.