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Senior pastor of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Georgia, Eddie Long is famous for his criminal investigation by the Senate for compensation received from a nonprofit charity and for the lawsuits brought against him claiming sexual impropriety. He is also famous for his teachings about the topic of sexual orientation.

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In 2005, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution claimed that Eddie Long received more than $3.07 million in compensation and benefits from a nonprofit charity organization. While Long maintained that he had not done anything illegal, the Senate still chose to investigate the matter. After a three-year investigation was completed, it was found that Long did no wrongdoing.

In September 2010, multiple lawsuits were filed against Long by young men alleging that he used his influence as a pastor to manipulate them into having sexual relations. In the lawsuits, the men claimed that Long bought them gifts like cars on the church's payroll. Long vehemently denied the accusations, and after a long court process, the cases were eventually settled out-of-court for unsettled amounts. Long's teachings about sexual orientation have also garnered him publicity around the country. He frequently denounces homosexual relations and also has supposed cures to get rid of what he considers wrong.

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