What Are Some of the Ecuadorian Christmas Traditions?

In Ecuador, Christmas is celebrated by putting up traditional Christmas trees with straw ornaments, playing a Ronador, using Aventadors, taking holiday tours, putting up nativity scenes, making special treats and putting Christmas lists in old shoes. In Ecuador, the standard Christmas greeting is "Felize Navidad."

One of the more unusual Ecuadorian Christmas traditions is placing the children's Christmas lists for the year inside of an old shoe. This is done for Papa Noel so that he can find the list when he comes at night while the children are sleeping. Then on Christmas day, the children will get new shoes in addition to their presents.

Another more unusual tradition is the type of ornaments used on the tree. While Ecuadorians use the same standard fir trees that most Americans and other people around the world use, they use straw ornaments. The reason for this is that straw ornaments will be used throughout the year for other festivals. Ecuadorians have a variety of colorful straw ornaments with each color signifying a different festival, so these ornaments come together on the tree to signify an abundance of joy and festivities.

The Rondador and Aventador are found in Ecuador and are often used around Christmas. The Rondador is a musical instrument that is made in the mountains out of bamboo while the Aventador is a fan that is made by Indian groups living in Ecuador.