How Is Economics Like a Science?

economics-like-science Credit: Mark Wainwright/CC-BY 2.0

According to the Business Insider, economics is like a science because economists use an empirical or scientific method to solve problems. In addition, theories in economics can be tested. The Business Insider adds that economists have access to big data, which allows them to isolate and establish the causal relationships of a scientific inquiry.

The New Yolk Times notes that even if solutions for many problems in macroeconomics are elusive, the challenges economists face are also encountered by other scientists. For instance, problems in conducting experiments and testing variables are also faced by physicists and medical professionals. Economists are developing tools similar to scientific experiments in order to overcome their challenges and provide empirical solutions to specific policy issues.

The Business Insider reveals that when Robert Shiller, Lars Hansen and Eugene Fama received a Nobel Prize award in economic sciences some thinkers started to question if economics is like a science. According to The Guardian, the critics of economic sciences are concerned because most economists focus on policy issues instead of discovering the fundamentals of economics. Furthermore, politics often gets involved in economic studies. However, true economists are not politically polarized and don’t seek attention but instead pursue truth. According to the New Yolk Times, the demands of critics are uninformed, unfair and ignore past successes of researchers in economics and emerging evidence.