What Are Some Easy Wiccan Spells?


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One easy Wiccan spell is the wish spell, which requires a new candle, a pen and a piece of paper. To perform the spell, visualize your wish before starting, write the wish down on paper and place it beneath the candle, and then light the candle as you focus on the wish.

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Another easy Wiccan spell is for losing weight. Carve the number of your current weight into the top of a brown candle, and add at the bottom your target weight. Light the candle before bed for 15 minutes every night. By the time the candle burns down, you should start losing weight.

The candle love spell is another classic Wiccan spell that requires a pink candle, rose oil and dried rose or lavender petals. Sprinkle the petals on a surface, and set the candle in a holder on top. Rub the rose oil into the candle, and then light it. Recite an incantation like the one from Free Witchcraft Spells, which reads: "I wish to find love, I wish it to last. I wish to find love, may it come fast." Repeat the incantation three times, and then let the candle burn out.

Other easy Wiccan spells include the alter dedication ritual, a spell to break another spell, the simple luck spell, the Wiccan money spell and a motivation incantation.

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