What Is an Easy Way to Learn to Read Palms?


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Learn to read palms by studying three basic areas of palmistry: lines, mounts and shapes. The three major lines are the head, heart and life lines. The seven mounts are related to astrological influences of the sun, moon and several planets.

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A long heart line indicates an idealistic person, while a short heart line marks a self-centered person. A deep heart line indicates a stressful nature; a faint line shows a sensitive nature. A straight heart line suggests intense feelings, while a curved line suggests an intense intellect. A chained or intertwined heart line represents chained or karmic-type relationships, and an absent heart line symbolizes ruthlessness or an extremely logical nature. A long, deep and straight head line suggests the palm belongs to a person who is ambitious, rotely smart, and materialistic. An absent head line identifies laziness or mental imbalances. A long, deep life line signifies good health and long life.

The mounts are the raised bumps of flesh on a palm, and a palm reader discerns whether the mounts are well-developed and normally elevated. If so, that indicates a strong correlation with the attributes of the planet or celestial body the mount represents.

Palm shapes are divided into oblong or square; finger length is long or short.

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