What Is the Easiest Way to Learn Telekinesis?

easiest-way-learn-telekinesis Credit: Julie Anne Images/Moment/Getty Images

The easiest way to learn telekinesis is to gain an understanding of the true nature of reality and learn how to tone down the left hemisphere of the brain before concentrating on a targeted object. This mindset may take weeks, months or years to acquire but should make telekinesis easy once acquired.

  1. Understand the true nature of physical reality

    Study quantum physics to understand that reality is light and energy vibrations at fixed frequencies. Everything perceived as matter are electrical signals in the brain. Physical events are perceptions formed by the senses. The perception of metaphysical matter is a continuous creation. Understand that physical matter can be transformed.

  2. Think of matter as thought

    Think of matter as concentrated bits of information or energy. All biological systems transmit light and information through bio-photons. Everything in the world and universe are wave-forms or different wave lengths at dimensional levels.

  3. Achieve true empathy, balance brain hemispheres, and acquire energy

    Use mental imagery and feelings to communicate with the targeted object. Visualize and imagine how it would feel to be the object in motion. Use meditation, music or visual aids to lower left brain activity. Proper diet, meditation and breathing exercises help acquire extra energy needed for telekinesis.

  4. Concentrate on the targeted object

    Place a round pen on a flat surface. Look at the pen. See and feel the energy of the pen. After you acquire a feel for the pen’s energy, focus on the energy around your own body. Visualize your energy stretching out to the pen’s energy. Imagine the pen in a new position.

  5. Practice over and over

    Do not be discouraged if the pen does not move. It may take many sessions before your mind can understand the nature of reality and perform telekinesis.