Does the Earth Have a Flag?


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The earth does not have a universally recognized flag. Although many organizations have come up with designs that represent the whole planet, they have not gained popularity outside of these organizations. However, an Earth Day flag, which was designed by John McConnell, does exist. The flag is a symbol of Earth Day and also stands for environmental awareness.

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The flag designed by McConnell has a dark-blue background with a picture of the earth from outer space taken by NASA. The flag of the United Nations could be considered an unofficial flag representing the world. There was some talk about using the United Nations flag instead of the U.S. flag during the moon landing in the 1960s. The World Unity flag is a multicolored flag with a picture of the earth in the center. Citizen of the World Flag was designed by George Dibbern, and it has religious and nationalist symbols. David Bartholomew designed the One World Flag with a border of white, black, red and yellow. James W. Cadle designed Flag of Earth in 1970. His flag had a black background with a blue circle representing the earth, a yellow circle for the sun and a small white circle for the moon.

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