What Are the Early Symptoms of a Strangulated Hernia?

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Early symptoms of a strangulated hernia are a rapid heart rate, fever, nausea, vomiting and sudden pain that rapidly intensifies, according to Mayo Clinic. A strangulated hernia also is signaled by a hernia bulge turning red, purple or dark.

If an individual experiences any symptoms of a strangulated hernia, a medical professional should be contacted immediately, according to Mayo Clinic. Strangulated hernias can be deadly if not treated, because they cut off the body’s blood supply to the intestine.

A strangulated hernia occurs when an individual is unable to push a hernia back in, and the intestinal omentum becomes trapped in the abdominal wall, according to Mayo Clinic. Surgery is required to treat the strangulated hernia so the bowel’s blood supply is returned.

Before becoming strangulated, a hernia may be recognized by abdominal or groin discomfort, obvious swelling beneath the skin of the abdomen or groin, heartburn, and a heavy feeling in the abdomen, according to WebMD. Blood in the stool and constipation may also indicate a hernia.

An individual should consult a doctor if a hernia is suspected, or if the hernia does not push back in, according to WebMD. If the individual suspects a hernia and is also not able to pass gas or have a bowel movement, a medical professional should be contacted immediately.