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Elijah Bernard Jordan, also known as E. Bernard Jordan and Bishop Jordan, is an American pastor and founder of Zoe Ministries. He preaches a version of Christian prosperity theology and is a self-described Master Prophet.

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E. Bernard Jordan was raised in the Brooklyn borough of New York City. He claims to have received his calling to ministry in a dream at the age of 15. Jordan studied at the Manhattan Bible Institute as well as the Tabernacle Bible Institute in Brooklyn prior to founding Zoe Ministries at the age of 23.

Jordan's ministry operates on the theology of the Christian prosperity doctrine, which argues that donations to Christian ministries increase a believer's personal wealth and empowerment. The doctrine often quotes the Biblical book of Malachi to support the policy of regular contributions from congregants. The most recent resurgence of this doctrine originates in the Healing Revival movement of the mid-20th century, with ministers such as Oral Roberts teaching that the Christian God would return donations sevenfold to true believers.

The Healing Revival transformed into the televangelism movement of the 1960s, which in turn became the worldwide Word of Faith interpretation that Jordan's Zoe Ministry belongs to. Word of Faith ministries are typically non-denominational Christian congregations that emphasize a believer's wealth and health through confession.

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