What Are the Duties of a Pastoral Aide?

The duties of a pastoral aide involve taking care of the pastor of a congregation, which usually involves helping to take care of the pastor’s mental, emotional, financial and spiritual needs, as well as helping the pastor remember upcoming events in his personal and pastoral life. This role is usually taken on by a committee.

A pastoral aide committee provides the pastor with any type of support that the pastor may request of them. The pastoral committee might organize small celebrations for the pastor and his family for significant occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and pastor appreciation days. They also raise money with the congregation or amongst themselves to give the pastor a vacation or assist in repairs and expenses as necessary. Pastoral aides may also be responsible for assisting guest pastors to ensure their visits are comfortable and enjoyable.

The pastor’s aide must anticipate and provide for the pastor’s material needs or those of his spouse and children. This may include providing the pastor with meals, transportation and lodging when necessary, both when he is in town and when he is traveling. During the pastor’s sermons, an aide may need to provide things such as water or juice while the pastor speaks.

In the vast majority of congregations, the pastor is the person to turn to when someone is in need. This often leaves the pastor without anyone to turn to when he is in need of any type of assistance. Pastors most often need mental and emotional support due to the rigors of their profession. This requires people who can maintain the pastor’s confidentiality and avoid tarnishing the reputation of the pastor or any members of his family with congregation.