What Are the Duties of a Pastor's Aide?


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The duties of a pastor's aide including advising the pastor in matters of finance and emotion as well as spiritual matters and providing for the material needs of the pastor and his family. Other duties include arranging for periodic celebrations of the regular pastor and attending to the preferences and potential special needs of any visiting guest ministers.

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A pastor's aide may be one part of a larger pastor aide committee. Such members must maintain a relationship of strict confidentiality with the pastor because they receive information about his life and emotional state that no one else in the congregation does. Without such confidentiality, the details of the pastor's life may become gossip for the congregation, reducing his authority and effectiveness.

The pastor's aide must anticipate and provide for the pastor's material needs or those of his spouse and children. This may include providing the pastor with meals, transportation and lodging when necessary, both when he is in town and when he is traveling. During the pastor's sermons, an aide may need to provide things such as water or juice while the pastor speaks.

Pastor's aides may choose to organize a celebration to honor the pastor. These occasions typically revolve around special days such as birthdays, anniversaries or Father's Day.

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