What Are Some Facts About Duane Lee Chapman Jr.?

One fact about Duane Lee Chapman Jr. is that he is the second-born son of Duane Chapman, also known as “Dog, the Bounty Hunter.” Another is that he was born on January 21, 1973, in Pampa, Texas, and is one of at least eleven children fathered or adopted by Duane Lee Chapman, Senior.

Duane Lee Chapman Junior appeared on the reality television show “Dog, the Bounty Hunter.” The show stars Chapman’s father, stepmother Beth, brother Leland and several half-siblings. The program follows the family as they pursue fugitives who have failed to pay bail money they owe to family patriarch “Dog’s” bail bond company. Chapman Junior married Teresa Roybal in 1999. The two divorced in 2008.

Duane, Junior’s mother is Duane, Senior’s ex-wife La Fonda Honeycutt. Chapman, Senior and Honeycutt divorced in 1977 when Duane Junior was four years old. The senior Chapman was incarcerated at the time of the divorce and, as a result, was not present during several years of Duane Junior’s childhood. The younger Chapman went to live with his father during his teenage years after getting into trouble with gangs. He has said that he decided to turn his life around after seeing his father’s work as a bondsman. As of 2015, Chapman operates his own bail bond company out of Florida.