Why Is My Dryer Not Getting Hot?

Maskot/Maskot/Getty Images

Unfortunately, there is not one simple answer for why a dryer will not heat up. However, there are a few other reasons that can be checked to determine the root cause of the problem at hand. Learning about these reasons can help a person figure out if they need to call a professional to repair the problem or if they need a new dryer.

The most common reason for a dryer not heating up or not working at all is a tripped circuit breaker. Checking this first can save people from having to hire a professional to come to their home, only to tell them that the breaker is the cause. Another reason is a burnt out heating coil. This part is harder to reach, but several online guides exist that can help users locate the right portion within the dryer. Typically, a burnt out coil looks similar to the filament within a light bulb once it has burnt out.

Other reasons are thermostats that no longer work and the thermal fuse. However, without a lot of training these are harder to diagnosis and typically a professional appliance repairman is needed to fix these. For those with some knowledge about how dryers operate, some of these repairs can be completed with the use of online guides for the specific make and model of the appliance.