How Do You Dress in Hawaiian Attire?


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According to USA Today, someone dressing in Hawaiian attire can wear clothing ranging from flip-flops and swim trunks to flowering shirts and flowing dresses. Hawaiian, or "Aloha," attire is characterized by its casual feel and relaxed nature.

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USA Today explains that Hawaiian formal or business attire stays relatively simple. For men, a floral or aloha shirt with shorts or light slacks is appropriate attire. Shirts are not usually tucked in except by businessmen or tourists. For women, the holuku dress is traditional formal wear. The muumuu is a similar style of dress that is also commonly worn.

According to USA Today, sandals and flip-flops are the most popular choice for Hawaiian footwear. When dressing casually, people often wear open-toed shoes, but in business situations, they are more likely to wear closed-toed shoes and socks. According to custom, visitors remove their shoes and leave them at the front door before entering a Hawaiian home.

The floral lei is a well-recognized symbol of Hawaii that is worn for many occasions. As a sign of aloha and friendship, it is used to greet visitors arriving in Hawaii. Leis are also used for special occasions like graduations, weddings, celebrations and to honor important people or loved ones.

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