Do Dreams Mean Anything?

dreams-mean-anything Credit: theaucitron/CC-BY-SA 2.0

About Education cites Sigmund Freud's theory that dreams manifest latent content hidden in the mind. Freud believed that dreams relate to people's wishes and fulfillment. He hypothesized that the latent content of dreams is disguised by intertwined important and irrelevant content manifesting as equally relevant. He states that the meaning of dreams is hidden by symbolism because the actual meaning is conveyed through somewhat related content.

The latent content that Freud refers to is the dreamer's unconscious wishes. About Education states that Freud identified four essential processes involved in the meaning of dreams: condensation, displacement, symbolization and secondary revision. Condensation is the process of various parts of a dream being solidified into one image or idea. Displacement is the process of confusing the meaningful and irrelevant information within the dream. Symbolization is the process of latent, meaningful images or thoughts being disguised as symbolic. Secondary revision is the process of reorganizing the oddities of the dream to create comprehensive dream content.

Wikipedia states that dream interpretation is studied in the fields of psychology and neurobiology. In addition to Freud, prominent psychologists such as Carl Jung and Calvin S. Hall have studied dream interpretation, and have hypothesized alternative theories relating to dream analysis.