What Do Dreams Mean?


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Researchers do not have a consensus on the meaning of our dreams, but common theories include wish fulfillment and information processing. Dreams as wish fulfillment would represent the desires of the unconscious mind, while information processing dreams might serve as reflections of issues and fears individuals are dealing with in their personal lives.

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What Do Dreams Mean?
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Psychologists Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung often spoke of images in dreams as symbols for thoughts in the unconscious mind. Jung believed that many of these images, such as the child representing innocence or the old man representing wisdom, were consistent across cultures. Scholars like G. William Domhoff theorized that dreams are a cognitive process the brain utilizes to highlight problems in the individual's life. For example, dreaming of falling might indicate that the individual feels a loss of control. A dream in which teeth fall out, on the other hand, might indicate insecurity, according to the Real Meaning of Dreams website.

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