What Is a Dream Dictionary?

A dream dictionary is a dictionary that lists various symbols that commonly appear in people's dreams and explain their potential meanings. These explanations are not completely accurate and definite, since dreams are complex and can have unique meanings for every individual. However, the explanations can be helpful in understanding the possible reasons for dreaming about a particular event, person or object, and some of the symbols are considered to have quite universal meanings.

Dream dictionaries offer interpretations of dreams and explain the meaning behind a dream. They include the most widely accepted interpretations of common symbols that are found in dreams of people around the globe and help people understand what their significance can be and how they are related to everyday life.

Dreaming about something, such as falling from a building, dying, being pregnant or anything else, does not mean that this exact event will occur in the life of the person. The meanings of dreams are more metaphoric and obscure, and they are often the reflection of the person's subconscious. One can dream about something ordinary that happened during the day, or he can have strange, vivid dreams that are not related to a concrete experience but to subconscious thoughts instead.

Dream dictionaries are useful in understanding the metaphorical meanings of dreams, because some dreams have quite universal explanations. The way to use a dream dictionary is to look up the prominent event, object or person in a dream, and read the offered interpretation.