What Are Some Drawbacks of Having Reiki Therapy?


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There are no known drawbacks to having Reiki massage therapy, according to the International Organisation for Reiki Healing Therapy. Those in treatment for a mental or medical condition should consult with a therapist or qualified medical practitioner before beginning Reiki or any energy therapy, advises the Encyclopedia of Mental Disorders.

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Reiki is a form of energy medicine in which the hands are use to direct "energies" thought to have healing benefits for the receiver, states the Knowledge Encyclopedia. Following studies of distance healing on cancer in 2000, lead researcher Edzard Ernst concluded that as long as complementary methods are not used instead of traditional methods of medicine spiritual healing should have no risks.

Many doctors and nurses learn Reiki to complement their patients' medical care. Though many claim to experience physical, psychological or spiritual healing as a result of Reiki, the benefits of Reiki remain unconfirmed by science, states the International Organisation for Reiki Healing Therapy.

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