Is Dr. David Williams a Quack?

Dr. David Williams is a medical researcher, biochemist and certified chiropractor who believes in alternative medicine and natural healing. He is acknowledged as one of the world’s leading authorities on these subjects.

Williams, like other medical experts who support natural remedies, believes that the best place to look for solutions to mankind’s afflictions is in nature. Consequently, for more than 25 years, he has traveled the world searching for natural treatments and cures for practically every major health concern today. According to his website, he has personally identified 27 major medical breakthroughs and formulated the appropriate health remedies, therapies and supplements to remediate the illness.

The work of Williams and other proponents of natural healing and alternative medicine has been widely criticized by the traditional medical community. However, American society is increasingly seeing value and effectiveness in natural remedies, as evidenced by the growing prevalence of probiotics and the emergence of companies like Healthy Directions that provides nutritional supplements and skincare products which are approved by alternative health doctors.