What Are Doritos Made Of?

Richard Elzey/CC-BY 2.0

The main ingredients of Doritos are corn, vegetable oil and salt. Different flavors of Doritos contain a different blend of spices and flavors. Some also contain artificial colors and preservatives.

Doritos were created in Anaheim, California by Frito-Lay in 1964 and distributed regionally. Doritos were released for nationwide consumption in 1966 due to an overwhelming demand. In 1967, they were launched worldwide.

The taco flavor was created in 1968 because consumers considered the original flavor too bland, and in 1972 the nacho cheese-flavored Doritos were made. There were a variety of flavors created but later discontinued. These include the sour cream and onion, sesame seed and jumpin’ jack Monterey cheese flavors.

In 1994, $50 million was used to redesign the Doritos chip. They made the chips larger, with rounded edges, thinner and more heavily seasoned. The redesigned chips were released in January of 1995. In 2006, Frito-Lay launched a variety of flavors, created a new label and used more bilingual advertising due to a slight sales drop in 2005.

As of 2015, there are 14 different varieties of Doritos in the United States. On top of the regular Doritos line, there are also Doritos Dinamita, Doritos Flamas and Doritos Jacked chips.