Why Don't People Like Others?


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One of the major reasons why people don’t like others is because of their negative attitude. According to researchers from the University of Illinois, some people have a generally negative attitude towards some things in general, formed without considering the individual situation, object or person.

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An attitude is an expression of favor or dislike towards an object, person, place or event. It may be formed from an individual’s past or present. Attitude influences people’s emotions and behavior. An individual can be said to have a positive or negative attitude depending on how the person evaluates other people, objects, ideas or activities. The strength with which an attitude is held determines an individual’s behavior. The stronger the attitude, the more likely the chances of affecting the individual’s behavior.

Research reveals that people with positive dispositional attitudes have a natural predisposition to like or approve of external situations or things, whereas those with negative inclination attitudes demonstrate a strong tendency of disapproval. While people with a positive attitude may focus on the positive features of an object or a person, those with a negative attitude are often concerned with the negative aspects. Research has shown that attitudes are not merely a function of the properties of the stimuli in question but that they are also a function of other characteristics of the evaluator.

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