What Is the Dominant Religion in Ghana?

According to 2010 estimates, 71.2 percent of Ghana's 26.3 million citizens are Christians, of whom more than one-fourth identify as practitioners of Pentecostal or Charismatic Christianity, by far the largest group of Christians in the country. Additionally, nearly 18 percent of Ghanaian citizens practice some form of Islam.

Because the constitution in Ghana provides for the freedom of religion, religious tolerance in the country is relatively high, allowing people to practice whatever faith tradition they desire. While Christian holidays such as Easter and Christmas are national holidays, the country also respects Muslim celebrations such as Ramadan. While most Ghanaians identify as Christian or Muslim, traditional religious beliefs still have a strong presence in the country. In fact, during the major religious celebration of Ga-Adangbe, Ghanaians return to their home villages and venerate the dead alongside family and friends, a practice led by traditional elders and inspired by a traditional religious belief system.