What Dolls Were Made in the 1960s?

Dennis Hallinan/Archive Photos/Getty Images

Dolls that were popular during the 1960s included Chatty Cathy, Liddle Kiddles, troll dolls and Barbie. Although Barbie was introduced to the market in mid-1959, she was bought by Mattel in 1964 and became a huge marketing hit and cultural icon.

Chatty Cathy was a talking doll made by Mattel beginning in 1960. Pulling a string in her back triggered her to say any of 11 different phrases.

Liddle Kiddles hit the market in 1966 and became a must-have collectible for little girls. Each Liddle Kiddle came with its own story and accessories. Because they were tiny and inexpensive, they were attractive to and affordable for young girls.

Troll dolls were plastic dolls that all looked the same and came with long frizzy hair. They only were distinguished by their often silly outfits, and they were also sold in a near-naked form.

Barbie, based on a German doll from the 1950s, was the first child’s doll to have an adult figure, complete with her wasp waist and often controversial breasts. Barbie was the first toy to have a television advertising campaign, which was extremely successful, selling 350,000 dolls in the first year of Barbie’s existence. Barbie changed with the times, going from a glamorous girl-next-door at the beginning of the 1960s to a hippie chick by the end of the decade.