What Do Doctors Do to Help Bring Down a High Red Blood Cell Count?

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Among the treatments doctors can give to bring down a high red blood cell count are drawing the patient’s blood, and giving them medication to bring down the count or prevent the blood from coagulating, according to WebMD.

The treatment depends on the cause of the high red blood cell count and the patient’s individual needs, claims WebMD. Some patients can regularly give a pint of blood to lower their red blood cell count, while others may give less than that. For other patients, giving blood may not be appropriate.

Among the medications used to lower high blood cell count are hydroxycarbamide and interferon, says WebMD. Hydroxycarbamide is normally used to treat cancers such as chronic leukemia and cervical cancer, according to the National Health Service. It is used to treat high red blood cell count even though it is often contraindicated for people who have blood problems.

Interferons, especially alpha interferons, are also used to fight cancers such as leukemia, claims the American Cancer Society. However, gamma interferons are used to combat diseases that are not cancerous.

Aspirin is also given to people with high red blood cell count, according to WebMD. An anti-coagulant, aspirin keeps the blood from forming dangerous clots.