What Are Some Divine Secrets Hidden in the Bible's Psalm 119?


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A simple secret of Psalm 119 lies in its structure, which in the original Hebrew text consisted of one verse for each letter of the Hebrew alphabet. Each verse consisted of eight lines that all began with the same letter, and the verses appeared in the order of the alphabet.

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Each of the 22 verses also consists of a set number of syllables. Most English translations do not maintain the same structure as the Hebrew text, although the verses often maintain the names of the Hebrew letters.

Some numerologists and other mystics ascribe deeper meanings to the structure and text of Psalm 119. These beliefs include detailed breakdowns of the number of words in the Psalm, as well as the number of times the Psalm uses certain words. One such belief is that the structure of the Psalm, if dissected appropriately, creates the shape of a menorah.

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