How Do You Dislodge a Pill Stuck in Your Throat?

Drinking plenty of fluids, especially water, dislodges a pill that is stuck in the throat, advises WebMD. If the medication can be taken with food, eating a piece of bread also helps resolve the problem.

To prevent pills from getting stuck in the throat, the University of Rochester Medical Center recommends drinking some water, placing the pill on the back of the tongue, swallowing the pill, and then drinking up to 8 ounces of water. Taking the pill with applesauce can also make the pill slide down the throat more easily. Breaking the pill into pieces or crushing it before swallowing it is also helpful, but because this can interfere with the efficacy of some medications, the patient must ask the doctor if this is permissible.

Some pills cause irritation of the esophagus if they become lodged there, notes Everyday Health. Fosamax, a medication that treats osteoporosis, is one example. Iron, potassium, tetracycline and ibuprofen are other medications that can cause esophageal irritation if they become stuck. To prevent this from happening, patients must always be standing up or sitting down when taking a pill rather than lying down, and they must remain in an upright position for a half hour after ingesting the pill. They must also drink plenty of water or other fluid after taking the pill.