What Is the Disciple Bible Study Program?


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The Disciple Bible Study Program is an intensive, disciplined examination of Holy Scripture offered by the First Baptist Church of Asheville in North Carolina, as of 2015. The program consists of 12 to 14 participants led by one or two facilitators meeting and discussing the Bible for two and a half hours each week for 34 weeks. Students generally report a greater understanding of Scripture and a sense of camaraderie with their classmates at the completion of the program.

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Each weekly group meeting includes a small group discussion, a discussion among the entire group, a video and the sharing of prayer concerns. Participants are encouraged to relate each day's reading to their own life. Discussion is facilitated by the meeting's confidentiality, allowing trust and accountability to flourish. The group leader or leaders contribute to the discussion like any other participant, but also help to facilitate the experience.

The first course required of all students is Disciple I, an introductory course that covers the entire Biblical story from Genesis to Revelation. Additional courses focus on a closer reading of a smaller group of passages and may not be taken until Disciple I is completed. Participants are expected to attend every meeting fully prepared for the scheduled discussion, including having completed a daily assignment on each of the six days since the previous meeting. These assignments generally entail taking notes on assigned Bible readings, requiring an average of 20 to 30 minutes to complete. The course costs around $40 to take and includes a study guide with weekly commentary by Biblical scholars.

A limited number of scholarships are available for the program.

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