What Are Disadvantages of Using Email?

Email has many disadvantages that may cause people to prefer other forms of communication, such as texting. Email can be seen as too formal or impersonal. However, it is often the preferred form of communication in business settings.

There are many email etiquette rules that can cause emails to seem stiff and formal. Because of this, people often prefer to contact friends and family through texting, social media or phone calls. These forms of communication are much more casual.

As email can be perceived as too formal, it also can come across as impersonal. A handwritten note, while it will take much longer to get to the recipient, shows a deeper level of caring. In addition to these disadvantages, email is not the fastest and most efficient way to reach someone. When email was first invented, it was one of the quickest ways to reach someone, but now texts and social media messages are likely to be read by the recipient sooner than an email would be. Though people can check their emails on their phones, checking a text message is quicker, and checking social media has greater incentives.

Email addresses can be hard to remember. With social media, a person just needs to know the recipient’s name to find him or her and send a message.