How Do You Find a Directory for the United Methodist Church?

How Do You Find a Directory for the United Methodist Church?

The United Methodist Church maintains a directory of churches on its website Use the Find-A-Church tool to locate United Methodist churches in the United States or contact United Methodist churches in Africa, Europe or the Philippines.

In addition to its Find-A-Church tool, the U.M.C. directory includes contact information for regional, state, and local church jurisdictions and affiliated Methodist churches worldwide. It also lists United Methodist camps, child and youth services agencies, hospitals, schools and more.

As of 2015, the United Methodists report 7.29 million members in the United States, with 44,000 clergy representing 32,000 churches. Forty-six active bishops in the United States supervise specific geographical areas and appoint ordained ministers in their areas. United Methodist congregations in Africa, Asia, and Europe include 5.52 million members, with 14,000 clergy and 11,000 churches.

In 2012, the U.M.C. entered into full communion with a number of historically African-American Methodist denominations, including the African Methodist Episcopal Church, the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church and others. The churches agreed to mutually recognize, share and affirm each others' churches, sacraments and clergy.

Membership in the U.M.C. is on the decline in the United States, with American churches losing about 1,000 members per week as of 2015.