What Is the Dink Fair Game Farm?

The Dink Fair Game Farm, also known as the Spring Fair Gamefowl Farm, is a breeding facility for chickens intended to participate in cockfighting. It is located in Ringgold, Louisiana, and is owned by veteran cocker Albert “Dink” Fair.

Fair grew up on a chicken farm and witnessed cockfighting as a boy. He began breeding game fowl prior to enlisting in the U.S. Army and departing for Vietnam, but his reputation didn’t begin to develop until after his return.

Fair is a respected breeder, primarily due to the extensive variety of fowl that he breeds. While he is best known for his Sweater fowl, which have yellow legs, sleek bodies and pumpkin-orange hackle feathers, Fair also breeds White Hackle, Chocolate Grey, Kelso, Pussom and Roundhead fowl, among others.

Fair is renowned for his cross-breeding expertise. One of his cross-breeding efforts paired one of his best cocks with a Radio-bred hen for one year. The pairing produced 40 chickens, which he entered into the Long Knife Derby at the Sunset Gentlemen’s Club in Lafeyette, Louisiana. The chickens produced 36 wins, two losses and two ties.

As of 2016, cockfighting is illegal in all 50 states. The last state to outlaw the practice was Louisiana, which did so in 2007. Consequently, cockers like Fair must be careful how they advertise their farms. According to Fair, he only breeds the chickens and he claims he isn’t responsible for what his customers do with the chickens after purchasing them.