What Are the Dimensions for the Texas Washers Game?

The washers used to play the official version of Texas Washers are 1-inch grade 8 USS washers. Holes are made from 4-inch diameter PVC pipe cut in 6-inch segments which are placed exactly 21-feet apart.

Texas washers are also available in other dimensions than the official version, and the game goes by several other names. The washers can be found as large as 2 1/2 inches and game sets are available with holes mounted on boards. These movable boards can be adjusted to accommodate player’s skill levels during training and are also set up with official game dimensions when a permanent Washer pit is not desired.

Other names for Texas Washers include:

  • Washoes
  • Holey board
  • Texas horseshoes
  • Irish quoits
  • Ringers