What Are Some Different Types of Traditional Full-Length Habits for Nuns?

Types of traditional full-length habits for nuns include the Roman Catholic habit and the Eastern Orthodox habit. Another full-length habit for nuns is the Carmelite habit.

The traditional full-length Roman Catholic habit for nuns includes the white coif. The white coif is the habit's headpiece and consists of a white cotton cap fastened by a bandeau and a white wimple that covers the neck and cheeks. Roman Catholic nuns wear a black veil over the white coif that they can use to cover the face. The main piece of the garment is the holy habit, a loose tunic dress that reaches the ground.

Eastern Orthodox habits include the inner rason, the analavos, the belt, the mantle and the kalymafki. The inner rason is a floor-length garment with tapered sleeves. The analavos drapes over the shoulders and forms a cross design at the back. The Eastern Orthodox nun headpiece is called the kalymafki and resembles a black, stiff hat with flat sides that is covered by a veil.