What Are Some Different Types of Psychic Readings?


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Some types of psychic readings include aura readings, cartomancy, crystal ball readings, clairvoyant readings and astrology readings. Other types of psychic readings include psychometry, palmistry, rune readings, numerology and tarot card readings.

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What Are Some Different Types of Psychic Readings?
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An aura reading is a practice that involves taping into someone's outer energy field. The internal body organs are protected by the skin, and that skin is protected by an auric field that keeps out bad or damaging energy. During an aura reading, a psychic looks into the auric field and at the symbolic imagery and memories it projects. The psychic uses the energy field reading to better understand certain issues afflicting the person and subsequently blocking their spiritual and emotional growth.

Cartomancy is the practice of using a regular set of playing cards to reveal certain present, past and future aspects of a person's life. The cards are assigned certain meanings by the psychic and are read through the use of card spreads.

Crystal ball readings are psychic readings done through analyzing images and visions seen through use of a crystal ball. It involves elements of psychometry due to the use of an object, and is also similar to clairvoyant readings, which utilizes the skill of being able to see images or visions related to someone's life.

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