What Are the Different Types of Cotton?

The four most widely used types of cotton are Upland, Pima, Egyptian and Asiatic. Other types of cotton associated with the countries they are grown in include Brazilian, Mexican, Jamaican and Peruvian. These are also used in the manufacturing of commercial products.

Upland cotton is native to South America, but it is the most popular type of cotton grown in the United States as of 2014. It is also grown in other parts of the world. This variety of cotton is often found in bedding that is labeled 100 percent cotton. Bedding and clothing made of soft cotton often contain Pima cotton, which has long fibers and produces softly woven cloth.

Egyptian cotton is similar to Pima cotton in that its fibers are fine and soft in texture. Egyptian cotton is frequently used to create luxurious sheets. Asiatic cotton is commonly grown in countries such as India and Russia. The texture of this cotton is course, and the fibers tend to be short.

Thread count is sometimes a factor when purchasing cotton products, such as sheets. Thread count refers to the total amount of horizontal and vertical threads contained in a square inch of fabric. Higher thread counts, such as 300, denote a much softer texture than lower counts, such as 180.