What Are the Different Types of Conflict in the Workplace?

different-types-conflict-workplace Credit: JGI/Jamie Grill/Blend Images/Getty Images

Types of workplace conflicts include work style differences, cultural-based dissensions, personality clashes, interdependence-based and leadership conflicts. When they go unresolved, these conflicts may result in job dissatisfaction, hopelessness and depression.

Leadership conflicts arise when managers use different supervisory styles. As a result, employees dealing with different managers throughout the day may become confused and irritated by the different ways of being led. Managers need to be clear from the start about any changes in leadership style so as to avoid this conflict.

Differences in work style result from differing ways of getting a job done. Some people may prefer to get the work done quickly while others may want to make sure everyone has a say in how the work gets done

Personality clashes emanate from perceptions about a person's character, attitude or actions. People can avoid this conflict by understanding each other's feelings and not taking things too personally.

Interdependence conflicts occur when people rely on others' input, cooperation or output to get their job done. Organizations can overcome this type of conflict ensuring that people have proper training and a good handle on delegation skills.

Cultural dissensions arise from differences in age, educational backgrounds, ethnic heritage, gender and political preferences. Responsibility conflicts occur when employees blame others for their workplace failures. Learning to give valid excuses is a remedy to responsibility conflicts.