What Are Different Types of Communication Skills?

Communication skills is an umbrella term covering several specific types of skills involved in receiving messages and effectively delivering them to others. Primary skills that involve communication include listening, articulation, a confident presence, nonverbal strategies and interpersonal interaction.

Listening is the skill that allows one to gather information and opinions from others. Listening abilities include an effort to understand the perspective of the speaker, focused attention on the message and paraphrasing of the message to confirm understanding.

Articulation refers to the ability to speak a message in a clear, concise manner. Articulation is combination of appropriate volume and careful diction that make it simple for another person to understand one’s message. People who speak professionally need great articulation to get a message through to a large audience.

A confident presence and nonverbal strategies work together to influence message delivery. Confidence causes one to stand tall and command attention. The ability to use natural hand gestures, strong posture and a friendly smile has a compelling impact in support of verbal communication.

Interpersonal communication skills are distinct from group communication skills because of the importance of establishing rapport with another individual. An engaging presence, eye contact, a friendly expression and relaxed listening and speaking are all crucial interpersonal communication skills.