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As of 2012, Tokyo was the most populated city in the world with 37,126,000 people in its metro area and immediate suburbs, and Washington D.C. was the most densely populated U.S. area with 9,856 people per square mile in 2010. Conversely, Greenland was the least densely populated place in the world with only 0.03 people per square kilometer in 2012, and Alaska held the honor of being the least densely populated state with 1.2 people per square mile in 2015.

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Although it has been inhabited for more than 4500 years, Greenland only has 56,000 people. Similarly, the United Kingdom-governed Falkland Islands only has .21 people per square kilometer with 2,932 residents as of 2015.

With 37,253,956 inhabitants in 2010, California was the most populated state, while Texas, New York, Florida and Illinois picked up spots two through five, respectively. Texas had slightly more than 25 million residents and 12,830,632 people called Illinois home. According to 2012 census reports, Jakarta, Indonesia, was the second-most populated city in the world with just over 26 million residents, followed by Seoul, South Korea, and Delhi, India, both home to nearly 23 million people.

Wyoming claims the fewest number of residents within the United States, with a mere 563,626 people in 2010. Other states with few inhabitants include Vermont and North Dakota.

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