What Are the Different Personality Types Identified in the True Colors Personality Test?

The True Colors personality test identifies four basic personality types and applies one of four colors to each type: Orange, Gold, Green and Blue. True Colors describes people with an Orange personality type as being charming, witty, spontaneous, generous and impulsive. Other adjectives it uses to describe Orange personality types include optimistic, eager, bold, physical and impactful.

True Colors identifies the Blue personality type as warm, enthusiastic, sympathetic, personal and communicative. Other adjectives that describe this personality type include compassionate, idealistic, spiritual, sincere and peaceful.

The Green personality type is for people who are analytical, conceptual, cool, calm and collected. Other words that describe this type include inventive, logical, hypothetical, perfectionist and investigative.

People with a Gold personality are described as loyal, dependable, punctual, sensible and prepared. Gold personality types are also caring, stable, organized, concerned and thorough.

Developed by Don Lowry in 1979, the True Colors personality profiling system was originally created to identify the four basic learning types and to identify the key challenges and strengths associated with each of these personality profiles. With this personality profiling system, which is a refined version of the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator personality test, each individual's personality consists of a mixture of all four colors. However, each person has two dominant colors, which represent the core of that individual's personality.