What Are Different Kinds of Religion?


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Religions of the world vary widely and include Christianity, Islamand Judaism , along with smaller denominations such as Baha'i, Candomble, Rastafari and Santeria. Religions appear around the world, and while some remain in their locations of origins, others, such as Christianity, attract followers and spread their influence around the globe. Some religions date back to ancient history, while others, such as Baha'i, have a more recent past.

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Regardless of place of origin, all of the world's major religions have distinct teachings and structure. All base teachings on religious text, and follow the scripture of holy figures. Some religions emphasize monotheistic practice, while others worship multiple gods.

While some religions focus on disseminating the teachings of religious figures, others infiltrate all areas of life, extending holy virtues into all aspects of existence. Some, like Taoism, combine religion with philosophy.

Taoism, a Chinese philosophy and religion, emphasizes a harmonious and peaceful existence among people, fellow citizens and the natural world. Taoism bases its principles partially on the cosmos, and draws influence from Tao Te Ching. Jainism, a religion native to India, also incorporates harmony and peace with religious guidance. While some religions exist as independent branches, others stem from larger faiths. The religion of Jehovah's Witness, for instance, classifies as an evangelical branch of the larger Christian religion.

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