What Are Some Different Kinds of Behavior?

What Are Some Different Kinds of Behavior?

Some different kinds of behavior include passive-aggressive, appropriate, inappropriate and maladaptive behavior. Psychologists and other health professionals use the terms to understand and explain social and individual behavior of human beings. Behavior has many components, including physiological processes and cognitive functions.

Passive-aggressive behavior describes non-verbal actions with aggression. People who are angry with others but don't let them know demonstrate passive-aggressive behavior. Instead of confronting people honestly, passive-aggressive people may contain their emotions and let their anger come out in other ways, such as being unusually detached or quiet. Sometimes passive-aggressive people are outwardly kind to people with whom they are angry.

Appropriate behavior describes actions that accomplish goals without interfering with the rights of others. This includes respectful emotional responses. An example of a person exhibiting appropriate behavior is someone who displays pride in his work without diminishing the work of others.

Inappropriate behavior is behavior that occurs at a place or time that is not respectful of others. An example of a person exhibiting inappropriate behavior is someone who displays nudity in a setting that doesn't allow for it.

Maladaptive behavior is often a response to a situation that is too strong and therefore becomes counterproductive. For example, people who are writing exams may have so much anxiety that it inhibits proper functioning.