What Are Some Different Honda Maintenance Codes?

Different types of Honda maintenance codes include the main-codes “A” and “B” and the sub-codes “1,” “2,” “3,” “4,” “5” and “6.” These codes are managed by the Maintenance Minder system, which was developed by Honda in place of the company’s recommended maintenance time and mileage timetable.

The Maintenance Minder provides critical information to Honda owners concerning the upkeep of their vehicle. This ensures that the car remains running in optimal condition. The system is designed to work with the on-board computer to display maintenance codes to the driver, which correspond to a particular service or maintenance work.

Honda’s Maintenance Minder utilizes main-codes and sub-codes for all maintenance tasks that require the owner’s attention. A main-code is always shown when the Maintenance Minder flashes on. A sub-code may or may not accompany a main code.

The maintenance main-code “A” simply means that the engine oil should be changed. When the “B” main-code comes on, this indicates that the engine oil and oil filter need replacement. Additionally, a “B” code signifies the inspection of front and rear brakes and check-up of parking brake adjustment are due.

Sub-code “1” indicates the vehicle requires a tire rotation service, while a “2” sub-code prompts the owner to replace the dust and pollen strainer, change the air cleaner component and inspect the drive belt. Sub-code “5” signifies that the engine coolant requires replacement, while sub-code “6” means to change the rear differential fluid for equipped Honda vehicles.