What Are Some of the Different Cultures in the United States?

United States culture stems primarily from Western influence, including Europe, but different cultures in the United States include traditions and cultures of Native Americans, Latin Americans and Asians, as well as regional cultures throughout the country. For this reason, the United States has been long-described as a “melting pot” in which various cultures have given their own contributions to an eclectic American way of life.

Cultures within the United States are unique in nature for areas such as dialect, music, social habits, religion and food due to large-scale migration from ethnically diverse countries, as well as regional differences. The United States is regionally subdivided into New England, Mid-Atlantic, Southern, Mid-Western and Western cultures, where differences are easily noted, yet meld together to form functional societies. American culture has a variety of known and accepted behaviors and observances due to its geographical scale and demographic diversity. The flexibility of these cultures has lead many researchers to categorize American culture as undefined.

The history of strong cultural differences partially dates back to the southern slave society, when social and economic differences created tensions between the Northern and Southern states. These tensions caused the South to declare independence, calling itself the Confederate States of America and instigating the start of the Civil War.