What Are Some Different Bigfoot Encounters in History?


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The Albert Ostman sighting, the Patterson and Gimlin film, and the Rick Jacobs hunting cam pictures are some different Bigfoot encounters in history. Many Bigfoot encounters have been dismissed or proven to be hoaxes, while others have never been proven or disproven. Some of the encounter stories are accompanied by physical evidence, while others are simply a recounting of a claimed encounter with Bigfoot. Many ancient stories from Native American tribes have been documented as well.

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In 1924, prospector Albert Ostman claimed to have not only seen Bigfoot but also that he was kidnapped by the Sasquatch and held captive with the creature's family for six days. The abduction allegedly occurred on British Columbia's Vancouver Island while he was camping.

One of the most famous Bigfoot encounters is documented in the 16-millimeter silent color film shot by Robert Patterson and Roger Gimlin in northern California on Oct. 20, 1967. The most famous image from the film is on frame number 352 where Bigfoot looks directly at the camera as it walks through a dry creek bed.

On Sept. 16, 2007, a motion-activated hunting camera placed on a tree in Pennsylvania's Allegheny National Forest by hunter Rick Jacobs allegedly caught images of Bigfoot. The Pennsylvania Game Commission later said it was an image of a black bear with mange.

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