What Are the Differences Between Mediums and Psychics?


Psychics have multiple pre-cognitive talents that they access through extra sensory perception, while mediums use a person's spirit energy to communicate with the deceased. All mediums are psychics, but not all psychics are mediums.

Psychics do not have practice standards, and some work with stereotypical items such as tarot cards or astrological charts. Their predictions primarily focus on the future, and psychics may answer client questions about love, health or money. Psychics may perform hot or cold readings, and they may use prestidigitation, or slight of hand tricks, to gain information about their clients. Some psychics perform as stage magicians.

Mediums primarily focus on the past and present. They convey significant, personal information to their clients, which gives them more perceived credibility than psychics. Mediumship has several different forms, including mental, physical and trance. Mediums communicate with spirits through telepathy in mental mediumship. Physical mediumship includes spirits manipulating energy systems, and may include noises, voices, or materialized objects. Spirits use the medium's mind to communicate while the medium remains conscious in trance mediumship.

Both psychics and mediums use psychic senses. Clarvoyance is the ability to see objects that are not physically present. Claraudience is the ability to hear spirit voices, and clairalience is the ability to smell spirits.